The DiscountASP.NET Affiliate Program Is Here!

If you were to ask my sisters, they would tell you I enjoy bragging when I know something that others don’t. But really, I think it’s more fun to share. I mean sharing is caring, isn’t it? Okay, that sounded a little too Care Bear-ish, I’ll admit. But come on, sharing is what our mothers taught us to do when we were little, right?

So writing this is doubly fun right now, because I get to share with you a new way to share DiscountASP.NET with others – the New DiscountASP.NET Affiliate Program!

The new DiscountASP.NET Affiliate Program is something we have been working on for a while now and we are excited and proud to finally make it available to everyone. With the new Affiliate Program we are now offering new ways to earn money. Your can earn money for both ASP.NET web  hosting and Team Foundation Server hosting sales, plus you can now earn either a flat rate or earn cash via our new commission tiers for our annual web hosting plan:

Annual payment hosting accounts
1 – 6 Sales $50  
7 – 12 Sales $100  
13 + Sales $150  
Quarterly payment hosting accounts
Flat $50 For Each Sale  
Team Foundation Server accounts
Flat $40 For Each Sale  

In addition to these new ways to earn cash, we’ve add new ways to get paid as well. You can now get paid via PayPal or as account credit towards either a DiscountASP.NET or Team Foundation Server hosting Account.

To help you with the new Affiliate Program, we’ve also created a new Affiliate Control Panel. In the Affiliate Control Panel we’ve provided you with access to pre-approved banners and text ads. Plus we’ve added enhanced reporting features allowing you to analyze which banner or link is providing you with the most clicks and the most sales allowing you to optimize your affiliate account performance.

Finally, and maybe the biggest news with the new program, the new DiscountASP.NET Affiliate Program is now open to everyone! This means that DiscountASP.NET customers and non-customers alike can become an affiliate of DiscountASP.NET.

For more information, visit our site. To sign up for the program, go to DiscountASP.NET/affiliate/.

For current Referral Program members, you can log into the Referral Manager and easily migrate to the new Affiliate Program without filling out any forms.

If you have any questions about the new affiliate program, please feel free to drop us a line at [email protected].

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