See you at the Microsoft //BUILD conference?

Microsoft //BUILD ConferenceThe Microsoft //BUILD conference is coming up September 13-16  in Anaheim, California which is our neck of the woods, so I plan on being there.

Not much has been discussed publicly about the conference (and at the time I wrote this post) I don’t even see any session information on the //BUILD conference web site) so it will be quite interesting to check it out what is coming vNEXT.

We all know for one thing that the conference will be heavy with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7 topics. But what else? Microsoft just released the developer beta for Silverlight 5 RC so I’m sure that will be discussed but everyone is interested to hear about the future of Silverlight. And I’m sure we are in store for some other announcements. Can’t wait to learn about what we will be hosting in the future….

For any customers, partners, vendors, user group leaders, or just curious developers attending //BUILD, if you see a DiscountASP.NET badge or bag, just stop me and say hello.

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