Code Camps, Code Camps, Code Camps!

Yes, I said that THREE TIMES!!  That’s because this Saturday, September 10, there are three different code camps that DiscountASP.NET is proud to sponsor.

The Austin .NET User Group (ADNUG) brings us the 5th Annual Austin Code Camp.  Over the past four years, there has been an average of 200 attendees at the Austin Code Camp and this year’s event looks to be even bigger.  This is a great opportunity for Texas developers to network, learn more about web development and win great prizes at the traditional code camp raffle.  This year’s Austin Code Camp will be held at the St. Edward’s Professional Education Center from 8am CST to 5pm CST and yes, it is FREE to attend but registration is required.

Also on Saturday, the 3rd Annual Vermont Code Camp will be held from 8am EST to 6pm EST at Kalkin Hall on the University of Vermont campus in Burlington, VT. This one day free event brings together technology community members, students and development professionals to discuss a variety of topics such as .NET, PHP, Ruby, Python, Java and more.   Last year, 125 developers attended the Vermont Code Camp and Julie Lerman and her team are expecting the same enthusiastic turnout.  Also, we are sponsoring breakfast so get here early and eat your fill.  To register for the Vermont Code Camp, click here.

If you happen to live or will be in the Utah area, then this Saturday you should be at the Utah Code Camp presented by Utah Geek Events.  The Utah Code Camp will be held in conjunction with SQL Saturday from 9AM MST to 5pm MST at Neumont University.  With the two events combined, it is anticipated that close to 200 attendees will be on hand.  Presentations will cover a wide range of technology such as Microsoft Development, Mobile Development, Open Source Development, Database Development and more.  To register for the Utah Code Camp, click here.

As you can see we have entered the season of code camps and other tech related events.  We are definitely excited to sponsor and participate in as many code camps/events as possible and you should be excited too.  We’ll be blogging about more events over the next few weeks so if you have a code camp or a tech related event that you would like us to blog about, just let us know

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