DiscountASP.NET Wins Dev Pro Best Hosting Award

Takeshi EtoCCA_DevWe are not a huge company. Especially if you compare us to behemoths like Amazon, RackSpace or GoDaddy.

So we’re always happy to see that we rank alongside the giants when the results of annual community choice awards are posted from publishers like Dev Pro. I think it says a lot about our team here at DiscountASP.NET.

This year we won the Bronze Award in Dev Pro’s 2013 Community Choice Awards for the category of Best Hosting Service.

We usually know when voting is going to take place so we ask you to help us out by throwing a vote our way. You might notice that didn’t happen this year, and that’s because I didn’t get the memo that the Dev Pro voting was going to begin. So we ranked third (behind Amazon and GoDaddy, and ahead of 1&1 and Rackspace) without shamelessly asking for your votes.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; thank you for your continued support!

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