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Michael PhillipsWe publish a lot of research here on the blog, and much of it is based on several customer surveys that we do throughout the year.

Maybe you’ve received email from us in the past asking you to complete a survey. Maybe you thought, “Come on now DiscountASP.NET, I don’t have time for your survey!” Well, did you know that we usually award some pretty cool prizes to randomly chosen people who complete the surveys?

We do!

We just sent out two Microsoft Surface tablets to lucky customers who helped us out by completing our most recent survey. They are Robin Cox in Waukesha Wisconsin, and Hoanh Phan just down the road from us in Anaheim, California.

So next time you get an email from DiscountASP.NET asking for a few minutes of your time to complete a survey, don’t delete it! You could be the next winner. Really.

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