Will your API calls still work now that SSL v3 is gone?

Frank CheungIf you weren’t already aware, a bug was found in the SSL v3 protocol that could allow hackers to intercept secure traffic. This exploit renders SSL v3 insecure, and unfortunately it is not something that can be fixed. Since one of our primary goals has always been to run a secure platform, we removed SSL v3 support back in October.

If your application connects to a remote HTTP based API service (through web service, WCF service or REST API), you’ve probably already (or soon will) receive a notice from the provider that they will no longer support SSL version 3.0 due to the security bug.

We have heard from a lot of you asking whether your application can continue to connect to a remote web service once they remove SSL V3 support. We’ve tested several common technologies that makes https calls and they all work correctly.

ASP.NET: System.Net.Http.HttpClient and System.Net.HttpWebRequest classes

If you use other methods to make an HTTPS call, feel free to contact us and we’ll perform a simple test and let you know.

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