Introducing Wiwet ASP.NET Templates

John MeeksLogo-with-URLOne of the few things we all have too little of is time. Pretty sure I haven’t been the only one asking for just an extra hour or two when trying to complete a project around here. So when something new comes along that can save a developer some time, I am all about sharing it.

So let me introduce you to Wiwet.

Wiwet provides simple and customizable ASP.NET templates which are easy to use. With a Wiwet template you can have a project that is professional, clean and ready for any device (desktop, mobile, and tablet) in less than 1 minute. As most of you know, developing something like that can be a four week project, so with Wiwet you can save yourself a month or more of development time and effort. Wiwet templates are also responsive, cross-browser, and retina ready.

Starting today, DiscountASP.NET customers can now receive a 20% discount on Wiwet’s responsive ASP.NET templates. For more information on the 20% discount, visit the Marketplace section of Control Panel 

2 thoughts on “Introducing Wiwet ASP.NET Templates

  1. Any idea why WOT (Web of Trust) is blocking this site?

    Also, to me, looks like these are just repackaged free bootstrap templates, found EVERYWHERE on the web.

    1. You’d have to ask “WOT” why they block it.

      I don’t know how Wiwet produces their templates, but I don’t think .NET site templates, bootstrap-based or otherwise, are really “everywhere” on the web. Not many that attempt a modern feel anyway.

      There are thousands of “pay” WordPress and generic website templates that use bootstrap (and typically php). It’s not really a new phenomenon, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

      A lot of people pay for things they can get for free, mainly so they can get support in using the product, and/or they don’t want to put the time into the “free” version necessary to get it to a ready-to-use state.

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