Top 3 Things January Brought Developers

Michael OssouI usually don’t do ‘lists’ – well unless it’s an IList<T> – but that’s another story. The purpose of this list is for me to share with you 3 things from this month that I feel you really should take the time to be aware of, read, or watch.

In no particular order:

1MVC 5.1, WebAPI 2.1, & Web Pages 3.1 were released. You can see the full details in the link, but MongoDB guys will be happy to hear about the BSON media-type formatter in WebAPI 2.1.

2Visual Studio Update 1 was released. This is primarily related to bug fixes. Word on the street is that an upcoming Update 2 will contain some new features. If you are planning to to use MVC 5.1 however, make sure to perform this update as it’s needed for the Razor views. There are also reports that this update can take a really long time. So it’s probably best to run it when your done working.

3The ng-conf Conference videos have been made available on YouTube. Those who are new to AngularJS, can watch Dan Wahlin’s intro with me here or his ‘AngularJS Fundamentals In 60-ish Minutes’ video here.

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