The DiscountASP.NET Swag World Tour

We think it’s important to support the .NET community so we’ve sponsored many events and we’ll continue to help out as much as we can moving forward. At some of these events members of our staff have attend to man a table and meet attendees. And you know, when you work an event you pretty much have to have collateral and giveaways on hand. Getting all that “stuff” organized and created is a whole ordeal in itself but over the past couple of years we’ve got a lot of our stuff distributed out there.

We’ve got a few pictures of some of our swag at different locations taken by our staff. The furthest location from our office has to be the hand screen printed bag on Mt. Fuji in Japan courtesy of Aristotle.
Mt Fuji Japan
Mt. Fuji, Japan

Closer to us – here’s a shot during the ascent of Mt. Ritter in California courtesy of Tony Guido.

mt ritter sierra nevada california
Mt Ritter, California

And, our frisbee traveled to Joshua Tree National Park in California and Acadia National Park in Maine courtesy of yours truly.

Joshua Tree California
Joshua Tree, California
Maine Acadia National Park
Acadia National Park, Maine

It would sure be great if any of you out there can send in your pictures too. Or post them on your blog and send us the link. We’ll try to do occasional posts of the pictures in this here blog. So remember to bring your DiscountASP.NET swag wherever you are and wherever you travel! Happy picture taking, and I’m looking forward to seeing all the locations that we’ve “infiltrated”!

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