Managed TFS Hosting Now Available in the U.S. and European Data Centers

visual studio team foundation serverWe are happy to announce further expansion of our TFS hosting services with the availability of Managed Team Foundation Server Hosting in our U.S. and European-based data centers.

Managed TFS Hosting is a premium service where the customer can get their own instance of Team Foundation Server on a dedicated VM all to themselves. The Managed TFS service comes with 30 gb of disk space.

For our Managed TFS Hosting service we support both the TFS Basic and TFS Full versions. The customer can choose which sku they want.

TFS Basic includes source control and work item tracking. Currently in our Shared TFS Hosting services we only offer TFS Basic.

For our Managed TFS Hosting, we are offering the TFS Full version as an option which includes the features of TFS Basic and also includes SharePoint and Reporting.

If you are interested a Managed TFS Hosting solution, please contact our Sales Team for a quote.

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