Thanks Portland for Saying ‘Hi’!

Portland Code Camp Banner
ASP.NET Developers Between Sessions

For me, one of the better parts of working at DiscountASP.NET, outside of the cookies in the break room and the Alien Beef Jerky, is getting a chance to meet everyone at the conferences and Code Camps. Hearing everyone’s stories and answering questions about our services is always fun for me and of course the code camps are full of great information too. So you could guess how high I jumped (ok, I don’t really jump that much anymore, but I think you get the point) when the bosses asked me if I wanted to go to the Portland Code Camp this year.

I have to hand it to the organizers as the Portland Code Camp was a great experience. From the sessions to the Keynote by Scott Hanselman – it was loads of fun and great information. But it was everyone who came by our table that really made the event  great. We had people from every level of experience come by, newbies and students, old school developers who have hosted with DiscountASP.NET for years, and application developers who are excited to try our Team Foundation Server Hosting platform.

Scott Hanselman Speaking To ASP.NET Developers
Scott Hanselman Giving His Keynote

I hope everyone who attended the Portland Code Camp enjoyed it as much as I know we did. Like I mentioned before, these events are awesome to us, because getting to meet and chat with developers  is great. So if you happen to see us at any conference or code camp, please come by and say ‘Hi’.

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