Hosted TFS Build Server is Now Available

We are very happy to announce that hosted TFS Build Server is now available as a new add-on to our TFS hosting solution. Right now the TFS Build option is available in our US data center.

The hosted Team Foundation Build services provides the functionality of a build lab in a hosted environment. With Team Foundation Build, you can synchronize the sources, compile the application, and download builds securely. Build managers in control of the “when and how” of the build process – from manual to continuous integration to scheduled builds.  For more information, check out our TFS web site.

Takeshi Eto
VP Marketing and Business Development

5 thoughts on “Hosted TFS Build Server is Now Available

  1. I’m not sure how this is meant to work then. Do you guys offer build engineering services also then?

    Build servers are complicated. I might have to install any number of pieces of software such as Visual Studio, Windows Installer XML, InstallShield Stand Alone Build, Licensed 3rd Party Controls and so on. I frequently have to trouble shoot problems, make sure controls are registered and what not.

    I’ve never known a build engineer who didn’t have access to his build server.

    I ask these questions because I’m helping a client choose a service provider and if he has to host his own build machine then he might as well go with

  2. Christopher,

    It sounds like you have needs that go beyond what we can offer in our environment. A lot of people use Build with us, so it is meeting their needs, but of course no hosted solution of anything will suit everyone.

  3. While we don’t offer direct access to the server, in most cases, we can perform an installation on your behalf.

    I’m not sure how soon you’re looking to make a decision but if there are alternatives that you’re looking at, can you contact our Sales Team at [email protected]? Include a reference to this post and I should be in contact with you.

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