SQL 2012 Hosting is Here!

Takeshi EtoWe are pleased to announce that with Microsoft’s  general availability release of SQL 2012, DiscountASP.NET is announcing the launch of SQL 2012 hosting as a new add-on option for our web hosting customers.

And we’ve enhanced this SQL database option by providing even more SQL disk space – 1000mb for SQL 2012.

SQL 2012 has improved performance and supports contained database features. We’ll be exploring SQL 2012 in future blog posts.


3 thoughts on “SQL 2012 Hosting is Here!

  1. Awesome news on the 1000mb space! That 500mb limit was getting a little outdated, and you guys are very cutting edge otherwise, so nice move!

    …so, are we able to “move” our existing 2008R2 accounts over to the new 1000mb one? Or do we have to cancel the old db account and create a new one?

    Thanks as always guys! good work!

  2. Mike, you should contact support for the definitive answer on moving to SQL2012, but I’m pretty sure you have to add the 2012 database while you continue to have the 2008 database on the account. You would want that anyway, since canceling the 2008 database would essentially take you off line.

    We have been talking about making a migration tool for moves such as this, but it’s a complicated proposition, and you always want to err on the side of safety when working with live data.

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