SoCal Code Camp this weekend at UC San Diego

Michael PhillipsIt’s being billed as SoCal Rock & Roll Code Camp, and it’s taking place this weekend; June 23rd & 24th at UC San Diego. We are sponsoring as always, and Takeshi and I will be there as well. We are sparing you the joy of a talk this time, but we’ll be at the DiscountASP.NET table to answer your questions and smile during awkward silences.

SoCal Code Camps are always jam packed with information, and this weekend’s is no exception. UC San Diego is actually in La Jolla, which is about as beautiful as coastal Southern California gets, so you have no excuse not to show up. Why not geek out a stone’s throw from the Pacific Ocean? I can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend.

Did I mention that admission to SoCal Code Camp is free? It’s true.

There’s also a geek dinner on Saturday night, and this year organizers have added a live band. It’s Rock & Roll Code Camp, remember?

So get in the car, crank it up and get yourself over to SoCal Code Camp this weekend. We’ll be looking for you.

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