SoCal Code Camp 2012 this weekend!

Mark MedinaThis weekend we will be at the SoCal Code Camp on the campus of Cal State Fullerton in Fullerton, CA.  The SoCal Code Camp itself is two days with tons of talks, prizes and giveaways (don’t forget about the traditional Geek Dinner which will be on Saturday evening).

We will there on Saturday (not Sunday) and we will be there in full force as me, Takeshi, John, Michael and a few others from DiscountASP.NET will be on site, attending sessions, manning our table so come out, talk to us, ask us questions, buy us lunch 😉

Also, Takeshi will be presenting on Saturday afternoon at 1:30pm.  The title of his talk is “Q&A with ASP.NET Web Hosting Provider, DiscountASP.NET“, so if you don’t get a chance to talk to us at our table, feel free to stop by and ask your questions.

I want to stress, his talk is NOT, I repeat, is NOT, a sales pitch.  That is not the purpose of Takeshi’s talk.  Personally, I hate when I go to a conference and the talk becomes a sales pitch.  Don’t get me wrong, you can ask questions about DiscountASP.NET and how and why we do certain things, but this is also the time to ask questions about the hosting industry (and where it’s going), domain names, Microsoft, app development, deployment, etc.

Takeshi has been in the hosting industry since 1998 so he definitely has the experience (i.e. he’s old) and can provide insight into the hosting industry.

There is no reason not to attend this Saturday’s SoCal Code Camp.  The event is free, tons of fellow developers will be on hand (think networking opportunities), there is no football this weekend, the weather is supposed to be good and we’re gonna be there.  What more do you need?

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