One ticket to paradise?

The other day I came across this raffle ticket from the Microsoft party at HostingCon last month. Looking at it now, I can see why it may not have been so lucky.

Well, no harm done, I suppose. I already had a copy of FrontPage 98 or whatever it was they were giving away, and I made it home safely even with this diabolical, dangerous thing in my pocket.

Better luck next time?

2 thoughts on “One ticket to paradise?

  1. Yeah, I think the tickets were bought at whatever was closest to the convention center.

    I didn’t want to make it sound like the raffle prizes were, oh, I don’t know – less than stellar – at the Microsoft party. I’m sure they were very much appreciated by the winners who didn’t have satantic forces working against them in their ticket numbers. The party was open bar, that’s all that really mattered after all. The rest is just icing.

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