Meet new DiscountASP.NET staff member, Tonny

Peace!!!I would like to introduce you to our staff members so you can see who is on the other side of the support tickets and forum posts. Today we have a new support staff member, Tonny.

My name is Tonny, with two n’s. I’m the newest member of DiscountASP.NET tech support team.

I have an Associate Degree in computer science from Santa Monica College, and have been working as an associate in countless projects with a friend who is also a senior software engineer.

I have a background in Web design and programming, experience in E-commerce, and am interested in computer graphics and iPhone mods. I like playing PC games, listening to music, and cooking. I enjoy good food, good music, and of course a good companion. I’m very happy to contribute my experience and knowledge to help our customers have the best web hosting experience.

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