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Martin OrtegaDo you have multiple hosting accounts with DiscountASP.NET and would like to keep track of them with one easy login?

Let me introduce the Master Control Panel for DiscountASP.NET.  The Master Control Panel has been around for quite some time now. Basically it was created to make managing multiple hosting accounts much easier for our users.

Simply click on this link to get started: Master Control Panel

Click on the “Create a New Master Account” link.

You will be brought to the page shown below. Enter an email address and password that you would like to use as the Master Control Panel login.

Click “Create Master Control Panel Account.”

A verification email message will be sent to the email address you have just entered.

You will then receive the verification code that you will need to copy and paste into master verification box (below).

Click “Create Master Control Panel Account” button after you have entered the verification code.

You will then be prompted to reenter the email address and password that you choose previously.

Click on “Master Control Panel Binding Admin” to start binding your hosting accounts to your master control panel account.

Click on “Bind A Hosting Account” tab.

Enter your Hosting Account credentials as you originally set them up.

Go back to the “Bind A Hosting Account” tab to add more hosting accounts.

Once completed you can simply login with your Master Control Panel email address and password.

6 thoughts on “DiscountASP.NET Master Control Panel

  1. Thank you Riskworks!

    Peter N Roth – The links are working on my end. (I just test them again to make sure). Once you clicked on the “Master Control Panel” link. You will then need to click on the smaller link “Create a New Master Account” on the new page that opens up.

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