DiscountASP.NET Customer Profile – Juan Arbeláez of XIGLA Software

Michael PhillipsJuan Arbeláez is the CEO of XIGLA Software. They develop ready-to-use, high performance web-based software solutions aimed at small and medium size business and using Microsoft Technologies.

Hello Juan! Which technologies are you using for your web site?

Our focus is on ASP.NET development using Visual Basic .NET and SQL Server 2008 mostly.

How long have you hosted your site with DiscountASP.NET?

It’s been over 5 years and I regret not starting earlier with them!

Why did you choose DiscountASP.NET as your web hosting solution?

There are many reasons as to why DiscountASP.NET is your best bet. First, they have a single hosting plan with everything you need and at a very affordable price. Second, ASP.NET apps “just run” as they should without having to go back and forth a single time with their tech support (you can’t image what a pain it is to set a .NET app on other web hosts). Third, their support: even though you will barely need it (everything works as it should), for those times where things aren’t the way they should, DiscountASP.NET has proven to be extremely responsible, and I have to admit that the issues we have experienced have been because of some mis-configuration from our part, not theirs.

What do you consider to be the key benefits of using the DiscountASP.NET web hosting solution?

The ease to use and affordable price. Seriously, why not having a single plan that just works for everything you need? This is a big plus!

What future plans do you have for your web site?

We want to go mobile, and scale in order to be able to expand to markets like Facebook or Twitter, where a high scalability is required.

Which future technologies or trends are you most excited about?

Cloud computing. If only it could be as easy to set up as hosting a web site currently is, this would be a winning product!

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