Yet Another Use for Twitter: CEO Resignation

Twitter has so many uses.  People use it to communicate with their family and friends, people use it to take polls/surveys, President Obama used it for his presidential campaign, NBA players use it during halftime of basketball games, etc.

Well now it appears that bigwig CEOs are using Twitter to resign.  At least that’s what now former CEO of Sun Microsystems, Jonathan Schwartz,  did on Wednesday night.  On his tweet, he wrote:

“Today’s my last day at Sun. I’ll miss it.  Seems only fitting to end on a #haiku.  Financial crisis/Stalled too many customers/CEO no more – (Just under 140 characters I may add.  Well done Mr. Schwartz)

You can find more on the story here on MSN MoneyCentral.

To summarize the article, in an interview with the NY Times, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, made it clear that he’s not a big of fan of Schwartz.  According to reports, everyone knew that Schwartz was going to be cut when the Oracle acquisition of Sun Microsystems closed.  I guess this was Schwartz’s way of retaliating, using a Haiku poem nonetheless.  However, you shouldn’t feel so bad for Schwartz, he’s going to receive a $12M severance package.

Schwartz’s haiku has inspired me to bust out a haiku about Twitter:

Twitter makes me laugh
Expect the unexpected
Follow DASP Twitter

Mark Medina
Director of Marketing

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