Using TeamPulse with your hosted TFS service

We’ve been using Telerik’s TeamPulse in-house and I’ve finally had an opportunity to try it out against the hosted Team Foundation Server 2010 service that we’re offering.

If you’re interested in evaluating TeamPulse, Telerik offers a trial version in two flavors. For basic functionality, a hosted trial version is available but it doesn’t offer TFS Synchronization, so you’ll need to use the TeamPulse Installable Trial.

Before proceeding with the installation and configuration of TeamPulse, make sure that you have the following from your Account Information page:

  • Server Name
  • Team Project Collection Name

TeamPulse requires a SQL Server database and the configuration of a local instance of SQL Server Express is a part of the installation process, or if you have a development database available to you, you can elect to connect to an existing database server.

When you configure TeamPulse to synchronize with your Team Foundation Server, you’ll want to use the following values:

  • Server Name: Your DiscountASP.NET Team Foundation Server
  • Collection: The name of your Team Project Collection
  • Path: tfs
  • Port Number: 443
  • Protocol: HTTPS

The URL preview should look like

For the credentials, make sure that you’re using an account that is a Team Project Collection Administrator.

There’s a lot of information that’s already been published that I’d recommend reviewing:

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