Unsafe site warning? Looks like Microsoft goofed.

Earlier this morning we began to see an influx of customers who used IE8 complaining of security warnings when they tried to log in to their web mail. Initially we thought perhaps one of our mail servers had been reported to Microsoft due to someone reporting incoming phishing or spam emails. Our mail admin got on the phone to try to contact someone at Microsoft, but in the mean time we started to check in to the SmarterMail forum and other sites, and it turns out these inaccurate security warnings affected a lot of providers, not just DiscountASP.NET.

There are hundreds of Tweets about the problem, as the word is spreading quickly that something was very wrong with IE’s SmartScreen function today.

It seems that the problem has been remedied now, as we are not seeing the warning on customer sites. Let’s hope Microsoft can get to the bottom of this and save us all a lot of angst in the future.

Here is Microsoft help’s Twitter feed.

2 thoughts on “Unsafe site warning? Looks like Microsoft goofed.

  1. According to Microsoft’s twitter post, it looks like they have resolved the issue as of about 2 hours ago. No disclosure on what actually happened yet.

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