Twitter – In Control and Has Power

Here’s an interesting article I found that says Twitter is in talks with both Google and Microsoft regarding access to Twitter’s real-time Tweets and Tweeps:

There is data in the real-time Tweets and Tweeps that both Google and Microsoft value and both companies could be willing to dish out large sums of cash for access to it.  So for those of you asking how Twitter can make money, well there you go.

There are two things I found particularly interesting about this article (and the two things I liked most) were:

  1. Twitter isn’t just working with Google. Twitter is also choosing to work with Microsoft Bing, which I hope gets under the skin of Google (take that Google!).
  2. Because Twitter isn’t choosing to work with one or the other exclusively, but rather both companies, Twitter is maintaining an independent stance.

It is no secret that I dislike the search monster that Google has become so I love the fact that Twitter isn’t giving in and working with just Google.  I want Bing to be successful and if that means Twitter chooses to provide access to their data to both Microsoft and Google, then so be it; just as long as it is NOT only Google.

I also really like the fact that Twitter is remaining independent and choosing to work with both companies.  There have been numerous rumblings about who will acquire Twitter.  Will it be Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc?  If Twitter were only in talks with Google, then there would be mass speculation that Google was going to acquire Twitter.  Why can’t Twitter remain its own company?  Who’s to say that Twitter can’t remain a profitable stand-alone company that actually competes against Facebook, MySpace and yes even the almighty Google (many people consider Twitter’s “real time search” competes against Google)?

I think Twitter is an absolute phenomenon that has already changed the Internet and will continue to do so.  It would be fantastic if Twitter remains independent and continues to change the landscape of Web 2.0.  I also like the fact that Google, Microsoft, and even Facebook (remember they acquired FriendFeed) want something that Twitter has – This ultimately gives Twitter power.

Mark Medina
Director of Marketing

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