Top 10 Things we Accomplished in 2008

When you are busy with day to day activities of running a business, it is often difficult to step away take in the big picture. So I always like to recap what we’ve done over the course of the year for all our staff so they can get a perspective of all the great stuff they’ve accomplished with their hard work.  Here is my Top 10 for 2008.

10. Microsoft announced a first time ever SQL GoLive license, which allowed us to offer our customers with free SQL 2008 beta hosting.

9. We launched support for some of the out-of-band Microsoft IIS7 Manager UI Extension releases, like URL Rewriting and Database Manager.

8. We partnered with Microsoft to introduce the new Web Deployment tool at the PDC 2008 conference and announced a free open beta MSDeploy hosting program – which is still open by the way.

7. Innovating on top of the Windows 2008 stack, we launched new FTP Management tools including an FTP stop/start tool and FTP IP Whitelist/Blacklist management.

6. Taking advantage of the extensibility of IIS7, we developed our own IIS7 Manager UI Extensions including a web.config backup/restore module and GAC viewer module.

5. We launched a new Knowledge Base and Helpdesk system. This was several months of work and endless meetings. As mjp posted in our Community Forum, the legacy helpdesk system was really old and needed to be retired.

4. A year in the making, we expanded our global reach with ASP.NET hosting services in a UK-based data center.

3. We officially launched SQL 2008 hosting.

2. We launched Windows 2008 hosting during the evening of the official Microsoft launch date.

1. We started this here blog!

And honorable mentions that I need to acknowledge:

I think you’ll agree with me that this was a very active year for us. Big and small projects alike involve all our staff from R&D work, hosting system integration and automation, staff training, support material production, web site/control panel updates, and marketing. I’m really proud of our team and all that they’ve been able to accomplish in 2008.

Takeshi Eto
VP Marketing and Business Development

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