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Michael PhillipsDo you use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google Plus? That seems like a rhetorical question these days, since it would be unusual if you didn’t use at least one of those social networking services.

Here at DiscountASP.NET we have been using social media for some time, but in recent months you may have noticed that we are focusing more effort on them, as well as here on the blog.

As recently as five years ago we were pretty much relegated to our community forum as our only means of public interaction with you. And despite all the new methods springing up, the forum is still probably our most active avenue.

But so much has opened up over that past few years that it would be wrong not to utilize as many methods as we can. The services keep coming, and at times, just keeping up with all of them can seem like an overwhelming task.

We pride ourselves on being a lean, fast and adaptable company, so we do not have dozens of staff members hanging around looking for something to do. Many of us wear more than one hat, and fitting social media into our day to day workflow has been interesting, to say the least.

But we’re getting the hang of it. Just in time to absorb a new channel, Google Plus.

We’re excited about Google Plus though, because its early adopters and power users are our kind of people. Developers, geeks and people who are as tech-obsessed as we are. If you use Google Plus, stop by our page and join our circles (you don’t even have to try remember the crazy numerical Google Plus address – just go to

If you don’t use Google Plus, give it a try. Like a lot of things Google does, it’s clean, fast and intuitive (when is the last time you heard that said about Facebook?), and it appears to be a real player in the battle for your “social” time online.

“Social Media” is a funny term to me. I have been tinkering around online since the dark and dusty pre-web BBS days, and to me, the Internet has always seemed like an utterly social tool.

We all have a primal need to communicate, and the Internet is unquestionably the greatest communication tool ever conceived. Telegraph, wireless, telephones – they were profound game-changers, but they are all small potatoes compared to the worldwide sprawl of the net.

Has it cured the world’s evils? No. Can anything? But despite the multitude of problems humanity always seems to grapple with, I can’t shake the feeling that it really is a great and momentous time to be alive on planet earth.

So talk to us! We really enjoy hearing what you have to say. We will always be up front and honest with you. It’s the only way we know how to be. The more we hear from you, the better we can make our services. Everybody wins.

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