The Mysterious Microsoft 1099

Takeshi EtoMicrosoft 1099 for Samsung TabletMicrosoft sent out a bunch of 1099-MISC forms for $1,250. I received one and had no idea what this was about. I finally got around to doing some investigating and it turns out Microsoft mistakenly sent out the 1099 forms to some  //BUILD conference attendees who received a Windows 8 Samsung Tablet device. But Microsoft told the conference participants that they would be covering all the taxes on this giveaway.

Mary-Jo Foley posted a blog on this topic, Microsoft: Tax bills for Windows 8 gift tablet just a mistake and she posted an email address which you can email if you received the mystery 1099: [email protected]. Indicate “Tax Related Inquiry” in the subject line.

I sent an email and this is the response:

“We would like to assure you that what was communicated to you at the BUILD conference remains accurate. It is our intention to cover the tax obligation related to the distribution of this device. We are working quickly to resolve this issue. If you did receive an incorrect 1099 tax form, you will receive an updated version in the mail within the next couple of weeks.  Please let me know if you have any additional questions.”

Just posting this here to help anyone else that received a mysterious Microsoft 1099.

5 thoughts on “The Mysterious Microsoft 1099

  1. It’s the end of February and I still haven’t received anything from Microsoft. I sent in another email today. I’ll let everyone know what the response is.

    Has anyone got this Microsoft 1099 issue resolved yet?

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