Telerik offers Discounts on TeamPulse and Ideas & Feedback Portal

Takeshi Eto Telerik TeamPulseI’m happy to report that we’ve extended and expanded our partnership with Telerik to help our customers improve their Application Lifecycle Management.

Telerik is extending their offer to our customers for a 15% discount on TeamPulse. TeamPulse is an integrated suite of tools for improving development productivity. With this tool, you can manage requirements, track progress and schedule releases of your applications. It’s really cool and I’m a big fan because we use it in-house here at DiscountASP.NET for our own development and I’ve blogged about that previously.

Telerik is also offering our customers with a 15% discount on their new TeamPulse Ideas & Feedback Portal. The Ideas & Feedback Portal is a web-based solution for manging customer ideas and feedback and is as an extension to TeamPulse. With this tool you can manage feedback more efficiently to help your development teams to prioritize and focus on work that increases customer value.

This is a limited time offer and expires on December 31, 2011.

Here is the coupon code that you can use to get this limited time 15% discount deal on TeamPulse and the TeamPulse Ideas & Feedback Portal.


For the holiday season, give the gift of developer productivity and ALM efficiency!

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