SQL CE 4 databases, DiscountASP.NET and you

A new video from the DASPTV video site (note: 9/9/13 – DASPTV is no more, all videos have moved to YouTube).

You know about DASPTV, right? If not, get on over there now and take a look. The primary wrangler of DASPTV is our friend Mark Wisecarver, enthusiast, evangelist, driver of very fast motorcycles and all around bon vivant and man-about-town.

You can suggest videos that you’d like to see, subscribe to an RSS feed and see dozens of informative video tutorials for a wide range of topics related to your DiscountASP.NET account and your web presence in general.

4 thoughts on “SQL CE 4 databases, DiscountASP.NET and you

    1. I’ll have to see if that video made the move from the old dasptv.com site to YouTube. Either way, we’ll get it up there and fix the link here.

      1. I didn’t find a KB article or a user forum on DiscountASP for using/deploying SQL CE. And there don’t think that the SQL CE DLLs are preinstalled there? So to make it work, using MS Visual Web Developer 2010, I did the following:
        1) Created an SQL CE database in App_Data folder, and wrote some ASP.NET code to use it
        2) Used the “Project / Add Deployable Dependencies…” menu option
        3) Disabled the “Exclude files from the App_Data folder” checkbox in the “Publish Web / Settings” dialog (which I’ll reenable later when I don’t want to overwrite the live database).
        The only necessary magic may be the “Project / Add Deployable Dependencies…” option.

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