SQL 2012 Reporting Services Available

Takeshi Etosql 2012 reporting services hostingWe’ve gotten a bunch of requests through tickets and surveys, and today we are happy to announce that SQL 2012 Reporting Services is available as a new add-on option.

You can add this service through the control panel – visit the new Reporting Services 2012 section. After its activation, the Reporting Services 2012 section of the control panel will display tools to manage additional SQL Reporting Services users. Also,  the Reporting Services servers are separate from customer website servers and SQL 2012 servers.

We try to keep things simple and predictable so we do not charge a per hour rate for this service. Our pricing for SQL 2012 Reporting Services is the same as our SQL 2008 Reporting Service hosting pricing – that is, $5 per month. 


2 thoughts on “SQL 2012 Reporting Services Available

  1. You mentioned that the Reporting Services servers are separate from SQL2012 servers but do you have to have a SQL2012 account to sign up for Reporting Services?

  2. You do not neccessarily have to have the SQL 2012 database add-on to use SQL 2012 Reporting Services. It is possible for SSRS can connect to other data sources. But please do note that we do not allow SSRS to connect to data sources outside of our hosting infrastructure.

    If you have further questions about this, please contact our sales team at sales at discountasp.net and we can answer any questions on how you want to use the SSRS 2012 service.

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