SpamExperts email Inbox Filtering and Inbox Archiving are here

Takeshi EtoSpamExperts Spam Filtering and ArchivingWe are happy to announce two new services that we are introducing in partnership with SpamExperts, who offer premium email security solutions.

Inbox Filtering
This is a premium spam filter solution that will not only keep your inbox virtually free of spam, scams, viruses and phishing, but also comes with a powerful management portal, where you can review your email logs and easily set up whitelists and blacklists. You also get daily quarantine reports.

Inbox Archiving
This service will store a backup of all your clean incoming emails that go through the SpamExperts system. Your email archive is stored in compressed and encrypted format on redundant cloud servers in the cloud.

For more information on features and pricing, check out our website. You can order SpamExperts services through Control Panel.

5 thoughts on “SpamExperts email Inbox Filtering and Inbox Archiving are here

  1. I signed up for this service yesterday (4/7). So far, it has quarantined 100% of the spam and none of the legitimate emails. Granted, the test period is pretty short but so far, I am tickled.

    1. Glad it’s working for you! We believe it’s the best turnkey solution available, and your experience would seem to bear that out.

  2. Ever since I received this $4/month offer I have been slammed by spam. It looks suspiciously like all the controls I had set up were removed in order to convince me I needed to pony up more $. As yet I have not.

    1. Terry, any SmarterMail configuration you’ve done has not been touched, as you can confirm yourself by revisiting the configuration. Spam methods and spam blocking methods are constantly changing and adjusting. If you’re seeing an increase in spam, it is coincidental.

      We offer the SpamExperts service because the SmarterMail configuration is daunting and over-complicated for a lot of people. We actually discovered SpamExperts when looking for a solution for our corporate mail, so it isn’t just some random thing we are throwing into the mix. We see a legitimate value in offering it to our customers.

      I understand your suspicion though. When we initially discussed offering the service we anticipated that some people might look at it as some kind of revenue ploy. It is not. You can certainly continue to adjust the SmarterMail rules if you’d prefer to do that. But that’s not something a lot of people want to spend their time doing. This service is for them.

      Every add-on service that we offer has a legitimate purpose or value, or we wouldn’t offer it. None of them are there because we make boatloads of money from them. I’d hazard a guess that we spend more implementing some of the services than we get back from them in revenue. We’re in business to make money, don’t get me wrong. But we aren’t in the business of exploiting you. That’s not how we approach what we do here. You know, for the record. 🙂

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