Some Sun, Some Fun, and SoCal Code Camp

Two guesses as to what I did this past weekend, and the first guess doesn’t count…

Yup, Sunny (well more overcast, but it cleared up around lunch time) San Diego was on the itinerary – this time for the So Cal Code Camp!

DiscountASP.NET being based in Southern California, the So Cal Code Camps (there are 3 each year) are always fun for us to attend.  The diversity in developers is always amazing to see. Getting to chat with SQL developers, ASP.NET developers, PHP developers, and even students getting their feet wet is always interesting for us and full of great feedback for everyone back at our office.

So Cal Code Camp Sessions
Session at So Cal Code Camp
DiscountASP.NET Travel Mugs
DiscountASP.NET Travel Mugs For Everyone!

What was great too was to see most of the sessions packed. I stopped by the “Using JSON to Deliver a HighPerformance Web Service” session only to find it jam packed to the door and looking next door I could see the “Scrum Fundamentals” session was almost just as packed!

Many of you had questions about our services (if you still do, please drop us a line) and many just wanted to say how much you loved our services (again, drop us a line, would love to have your testimonial). In either case I think everyone walked away happy when we busted out the DiscountASP.NET travel cups for those in attendance.

DiscountASP.NET At San Diego Code Camp
DiscountASP.NET At San Diego Code Camp

We are always proud to be a sponsor of Code Camps (and user groups for that matter), and when we can get out of the office and attend them too it is even better. If you know of a code camp coming up in your area or in need of a sponsor don’t hesitate to let us know. Since we are just a small, humble group of ASP.NET fanatics we can’t make it to all of the code camps and group meetings, but we will always want to support the community any way we can and these sponsorships are one of the ways we can do just that.

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