Silicon Valley Code Camp

Michael PhillipsWe survived the Silicon Valley Code Camp, and it was quite a trip. I mean trip as in journey, not as in psychedelic experience. Though two days behind the table talking to thousands of people can be a psychedelic experience. You know, that’s what I’ve heard.

There are a lot of pictures on Pinterest (of course we have a Pinterest account – what?), so if you were there, take a look and see if you can spot yourself. If you weren’t there, why not? SVCC is free, and it’s the biggest and best Code Camp on the face of the earth. Or at least on the face of California, and really, California is where it’s at, everyone knows that.

It was great talking to you if we talked to you, and if we didn’t, catch us next time!

Registration – a record crowd of 4500 registered to attend
Takeshi Eto and Michael Ossou behind the table
Just *some* of the empty pizza boxes from lunch on day one
If you’re looking for a good burger in the San Jose airport, try Brits

If you think that’s too many pictures of food, just let me remind you that without food there is no code!

Thank you.

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