Shared TFS 2012 hosting is now available

Takeshi Eto TFS 2012 HostingApologies for posting less often recently, but our team has been heads-down working on tons of cool stuff which we will be rolling out in the near future. So this is the first of many announcements to come.

We are happy to announce that DiscountASP.NET is one of the first hosts to officially launch shared Team Foundation Server 2012 hosting in production. Hosted TFS 2012 is available in both our U.S. and European data centers.

If you haven’t previewed TFS 2012 already, you should check it out because it has some new features that are going to help your development team manage their projects more efficiently, stay informed on what’s going on, and keep track of feedback. Today’s application development is about rapid and continuous enhancements and TFS 2012 provides tools and features to help with this. We are hard at work generating help documentation and other blog posts related to TFS 2012 that highlight these enhancements. Please stay tuned.

We are offering 30 days FREE with our shared TFS 2012 hosting solution for up to 5 users so you can take a test drive today. Maybe you are looking for a hosted application lifecycle management (ALM) solution or maybe you are considering alternatives to the source control system you are using today. Maybe you are considering upgrading your on-premises TFS 2010 server – why not see how TFS 2012 will work with your application development process before investing in the infrastructure. Whatever your current situation may be, we invite you to take a test drive to experience TFS 2012 without any risk.

And for those who work with globally dispersed development teams – remember, we offer FREE TFS proxy servers that are currently located in five different locations worldwide which can improve your team productivity. You read that correctly, it’s FREE for any of our TFS hosting customers who need it. We set up servers around the globe to help our customers be more productive because that’s just how we roll around here!

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