PubCon Part II: Survey Says…

At a couple of PubCon sessions, some speakers mentioned the importance of conducting surveys and getting feedback from customers. The speakers also mentioned that they were often surprised that many of their clients did not conduct customer surveys. They stressed that this feedback is important to know how customers feel about a company’s service, what they want to see improved, and to understand how their customer needs are changing.

It’s always good reinforcement to hear stuff like this, because here at DiscountASP.NET, we have been doing customer surveys for years, and we do think that they are valuable tools in getting feedback from customers.

Let me share some results of our customer satisfaction surveys that we conducted this year. From my experience in hosting, both the response rate of the survey was among the highest I’ve seen and the satisfaction levels were also among the highest that I’ve seen too.

Takeshi Eto
VP Marketing and Business Development

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