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Michael PhillipsTwitter is a funny thing.

And by funny, of course I mean really weird.

Anyone who has been involved in supporting customers, or dealing with any large group of humans, knows that it’s impossible to please everyone. Think about the last time you tried to get five friends to agree on a place to eat dinner. Now multiply that by 10,000 and you start to get an idea of why it’s usually impossible for us to do something – anything – that everyone will like, appreciate or agree with.

Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus are great, and we’re really enjoying expanding our efforts in those areas, even though it’s not exactly an easy task. In fact, a cynic might say that we’re just opening up more avenues for people to complain. But the thing is, we want to hear complaints.

Yeah, I said it. Bring on the complaints.

Any business that ignores customer complaints is shortsighted, quite possibly crazy and most certainly doomed, and we are none of those things. Every time we deal with a complaint, or solve a service issue, the service improves for everyone.

Do you see a “but” coming? Here it is:

But – there are certain things that we are not going to discuss in public.

Ever. For any reason.

Those things include billing issues, why an account may be suspended, anything involving any personally identifying information, etc. We don’t talk about those things in public because they aren’t the public’s business. We take the privacy of our customers very seriously, and assume that every one of you appreciate that.

That doesn’t always seem to be the case, of course, but we can live with that. If someone on Twitter wants to tell the world that we suck because we refuse to address certain issues that we feel would violate our privacy policies – even if appears that the customer is initiating the conversation – that’s okay. I prefer taking a little flak to discussing a customer’s private business out in the open.

Why? Because a public breach of your private information is a “forever” thing. And we’re going to do all we can to prevent that from happening.

That’s just how we roll, you see.

Having said that, follow us on Twitter! 😉
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We look forward to hearing from you.

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