Meet new DiscountASP.NET staff member, Oliver

I would like to introduce you to our staff members so you can see who is on the other side of the support tickets and forum posts. Today we have a new support staff member, Oliver.

My name is Oliver. I am here providing technical support as a new member to the DiscountASP.NET staff. I come to DiscountASP.NET with over seven years of technical experience. Three of those years have been dedicated to providing support for web hosting customers. I have formal training in a few programming languages, and an Associate of Science degree from Los Angeles Southwest College for studies in Computer Science. I am very familiar with DNS configuration issues, and Internet topography. I have helped customers over the past few years with a multitude of technical issues, ranging from help with database optimizations to site implementation. I hope to provide the very best support to our customers here at DiscountASP.NET.

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