.NET Framework 4.0 debuts today

DiscountASP.NET is happy to announce that we now support .NET Framework 4.0 on all of our Windows 2008/IIS 7 servers.

We know that our customers have come to expect to be able to utilize new technologies as soon as they are available, so we always strive to be the first host to offer the latest and greatest. Our close relationship with Microsoft and our labs program make it possible for us (and you!) to become familiar with new technologies before they are public, and allows us to hit the ground running with new releases, such as .NET Framework 4.0.

We have updated our Knowledge Base with several articles regarding .NET 4.0 application deployment with Visual Studio 2010, WCF RIA Services and more:

Also, check this very blog in the coming days for articles on such fresh-out-of-the-box goodies as web.config transformation, Visual Studio 2010’s Publish Database feature and more.

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