.NET Core 3.0.3 and .NET Core 3.1.3 Available

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Takeshi EtoOver the past years, Microsoft has been continuing their rapid deployment initiative and releasing minor versions of .NET Core on their own schedule and without much fanfare as was the case with past releases of ASP.NET. (In the past, Microsoft ran entire conferences to push out new ASP.NET versions – remember MIX?)

While we have been keeping pace – as much as we can – with the cadence of .NET Core releases, because of the frequency and low fanfare from Microsoft, we haven’t been making announcements about it. Lately, we’ve seen an increase in questions from customers and potential customers alike on whether or not we support a particular version of .NET Core. So we will start to announce server support for particular .NET Core versions.

So, I’m announcing today that .NET Core 3.0.3 and .NET Core 3.1.3 are both installed on DiscountASP.NET servers. This means that you can deploy apps built with .NET Core 3.0.3 and .NET Core 3.1.3 using framework-dependent deployment (FDD).

We keep a list of the .NET Core versions that are installed on the servers in this knowledge base article.

But please note that even if a particular .NET Core version that you are using is not installed on the server, we do support your application because you can deploy your application using Self-Contained Deployment (SCD). Here is a knowledge base article on how to switch from framework-dependent deployment to self-contained deployment in visual studio.

If you have any questions on any of this, you can always reach out to our technical support staff and they can help you out.

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