Microsoft Partnership Renewed With Silver Datacenter Competency

Takeshi EtoI’m proud to announce that we ¬†have successfully renewed our Microsoft Partnership – this year with the Silver Datacenter Competency. Every year we spend time and resources on the Microsoft Partner renewal process, as it demonstrates our commitment to and expertise in Microsoft technologies.

For the past 11 years, we’ve been touting our Microsoft Gold Partner cred so you may be wondering what happened this year?

For 2017, Microsoft made some big changes to their Microsoft Partner Network. First, they retired the Hosting competency and directed all of us to shift to the Datacenter competency – which is what we did.

But another major change was placing more emphasis on revenue generation. With the new requirements, DiscountASP.NET is just not big enough to meet the SPLA licensing revenue requirements to achieve the Gold Partner status – even though we meet all the other requirements.

Attaining the Silver Partner level is nothing to sneeze at, and I’m proud of our team achieving this level of recognition. But we are going to continue to move forward and keep moving toward¬†the Gold.

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