Making tracks to BlogWorld & New Media Expo

Well, not much in the way of “making tracks,” since┬áthe BlogWorld & New Media Expo is being held in our backyard, so to speak (we don’t even need a freeway to get there – trust me, that’s rare). But we are checking it out for the first time this year. It’s all about communication at the end of the day, and anything we can do to communicate more better, we’re all over it.

It does seem as though about a million people are speaking though, so it may be a bit of sensory overload. And it stretches into Saturday, which seriously encroaches on my laying around time, and that’s no good. But I look forward to seeing what some of the speakers have to say, and what the general vibe is among our people. “Our people” being those who make their livings on line, like everyone here in the office, and apparently, about half of America.

My must-do list includes:

  • Asking Amber Naslund why radian6’s spiders carpetbomb our servers in such an, um, overzealous manner.
  • Telling Jim Farley from Ford about how awesome my Honda Fit is.
  • Asking actor Kevin Pollak, “What are you doing here?” then taking him to Ruth’s Chris for steak.
  • Trying to cadge a few free pies off Ramon De Leon from Domino’s Pizza.
  • Arm wrestling Jay Dolan from The Anti-Social Media, after which he takes me to Ruth’s Chris for steak.
  • Slipping my 8-bit TranceHop demo tape into Jason Flom’s (Lava Records) Louis Vuitton messenger bag.

There’s a lot more, of course, but those should be the highlights. It will be a busy few days, that’s for sure, but If you see Mark or myself wandering around, do say hello, and we’ll say hello back.

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