Lincoln .NET Users Group Delivers the Goods

Michael PhillipsLook, I don’t want to brag, but — oh, who am I kidding, I love to brag.

In the nearly 10 years that DiscountASP.NET has been in business we have racked up an impressive number of awards, recognition and trophies.

We believe that recognition and awards are a natural byproduct of being passionate about what you do. These kinds of things just find their way to you. And we’re thrilled to receive (and show off) each and every one of them.

But about a week ago we received something really special, a plaque from the Lincoln .NET Users Group thanking us for our support of the Nebraska Software Development Community. Take a look:

I know some of you are thinking, “The Lincoln .NET Users Group? So what? Aren’t you guys in Los Angeles? Don’t you hob-knob with celebrities and move with ease in powerful political circles?”

Well…ah <cough> sure — of course we do. 😉

But we also do everything we can to help support as many .NET user groups as we can find, from here in Southern California to New York and everywhere in between – all over the world, in fact. Including Nebraska.

We enjoy supporting .NET users everywhere, because that’s where the action is. These are the folks who are grinding it out and pushing the technology further and further every day. In short, they are our kind of people.

So yes, it means a lot to us to receive something like this. It will hang on our wall right along with all of the big shots.

Thanks Lincoln .NET Users Group!

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