jQuery 2.0 Released – Drops Support for IE 6/7/8

Michael OssouEarlier this week, jQuery 2.0 was released.

I’ll save you the rehash, you can look to their site for information regarding the updates. The interesting thing I wanted to mention was that as of  2.0, they dropped support for IE 6, 7, & 8. This means everybody else is going to start following suit.

I often see developers on social networks asking if they really need to still support these browsers. I always take it as code for “If you guys stop, I finally can too.” So unless you have a strong user base stuck in a time-warp, I think this clearly marks the end of a very painful era – kind of.

CodeProject recently put out a poll that stated only 25% of developers are committed to still supporting the older versions of IE. Frankly, I think that number is going to get smaller really quickly. But again, it all depends on your user base and your needs. I also want to share one more statistic that I think you have to see.

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