It never rains in Southern California

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about Southern California. If you believe some people, we are all hippie vegan electric car driving Botoxed yoga cult members. Now, I’m not going to lie, I do know people who fit into that (and other) Los Angeles stereotypes quite nicely. None of them work here at DiscountASP.NET, but they are out there, circling around like patient, unnaturally stretched out buzzards, waiting to draw you into their fuzzy, eternal sunshine world. But 10 million very diverse people live in Los Angeles county, yo, so you’d be hard pressed to really apply a universal stereotype to all of us.

Another thing that you may have heard is that it never rains here. And for about two-thirds of the year, that’s pretty true. Which makes the first good soaking of the winter somewhat of a special occasion. It’s like that old Ray Bradbury story, All summer in a day, about some school kids on a planet where the sun only shines one day a year. Only, you know, the opposite of that.

Yesterday was that first good soaking of the winter, and we had a full day of downpours. If you had walked into our office, you would have seen this sign on the first door you passed:

I’m not sure how much was raised, considering that pretty much everyone works in an office with a window, and there are floor to ceiling windows in the lobby right outside our office door, but the sentiment is there (besides, it looks like this viewing event was sponsored by CloudFlare, so strictly speaking, it should have been free).

Here comes Winter! Another L.A. myth busted.

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