Introducing SiteLock Web Site Security – Protect Yourself!

Takeshi Etositelock web site securityI’m happy to announce that we’ve partnered with SiteLock to help protect our customer’s web sites from hackers and other nefarious attackers.

SiteLock delivers a comprehensive web site security service that scans your site to detect vulnerabilities, malware, sql injections, search engine blacklisting, cross-site scripting vulnerabilites, and more.

sitelock-secure-sealThe Basic plan provides a daily malware scan and allows you to display the SiteLock “seal” on your site, but what’s really cool are the Premium and Enterprise plans.

They provide everything the Basic plan does, but in addition, they do daily FTP scanning, automatic malware removal and file change monitoring! If you have been searching for a no-hassle method to protect your site, this is it.


If you’ve looked at SiteLock before and thought it was interesting but perhaps a bit too pricey, we’ve got you covered there. The deal we’ve made allows our SiteLock pricing to be extremely low — starting at only $25 for a full year of Basic coverage! $74 less than buying directly from SiteLock.

We’ve got equally awesome deals on the Premium and Enterprise plans, saving you up to $324. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Log in to Control Panel to sign up for SiteLock today, and sleep better tonight.

3 thoughts on “Introducing SiteLock Web Site Security – Protect Yourself!

  1. You host our site. A week ago we had a virus take the site down. Now it is full of viruses. Are you having a lot of issues with the websites you are hosting? I am wondering this since we just happened to receive this email today. Somewhat of a coincidence.

    1. It’s may be a coincidence for you, just due to timing, but it’s a response to a growing problem. Something to help people who have application or site-specific security issues they might not be able to identify without some help.

      To answer your question, yes, we have a huge problem with exploited web sites. Us and every other host on earth. As the problem became more severe we looked for a service that can help you pinpoint the problems that allow the exploits to take place. SiteLock was the best solution we could find at a price most people can manage.

      This isn’t something that we can provide as a service ourselves because we simply don’t have enough available staff to investigate every compromised site individually and manually (and even if we did, that kind of service would be extremely expensive).

      That being said, SiteLock doesn’t do anything you can’t do yourself. But you have to know what to look for, and that can be difficult, since new exploits surface all the time. And what SiteLock can do in a few minutes would take you or I hours (or days) to do file by file.

      So do you absolutely need SiteLock? No. Will it absolutely save you a lot of time and trouble? Yes.

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