Introducing FREE beta for TFS Proxy

Takeshi Etovisual studio team foundation serverWe understand that if you or your development team members are located far from our data centers, there could be some latency with your use of our TFS hosting services which can affect your team’s productivity.

To help our customers in this scenario we are announcing a FREE beta program for a new TFS Proxy service which should help speed things up for you and your development teams.

Team Foundation Server 2010 Proxy is a caching proxy server that can help improve your development team’s productivity by saving local copies of the source control files on servers that are closer to your team members. So your TFS account can be set up on our servers in Los Angeles or London, but a team member working in Australia, India or the Philippines will be able to connect to a server closer to their location and work on the same projects without the latency they might experience connecting to the U.S. or European servers.

With this beta program, we’ve launched TFS Proxy in three regions; North America, Europe and in Asia. For those TFS customers with team members located far from our data centers,  please test out the TFS Proxy service for free and provide us with feedback.

To support the proxy service, we’ve introduced a new Proxy Manager section in the TFS control panel where you can enable and manage TFS Proxy.

Joe will be following up with a post with more information on this new Proxy service.

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