Introducing Website Cloud Backup: safeguard your site now

Takeshi Etocloud backup solutionToday we are announcing a new Website Cloud Backup solution that will backup your website off-site onto the Amazon cloud. The service comes with a web-based management portal to manage backup scheduling, versions and restoration.

A solution for “Oops” recovery
We’ve all done it – accidentally deleted an important file or overwritten something that broke a site or threw off the entire layout. Having a previous backup could save hours of painstaking work.

Bounce back quickly from website hacks
Hackers are constantly probing and learning how to exploit application vulnerabilities. No matter how vigilant you are in patching and updating, it’s still possible for hackers to gain access to websites and replace pages, or place malicious code or files within your site. Website Cloud Backup can help you quickly recover in the event of any hacking activities, restoring your site with a previous clean version.

MySQL backup
Website Cloud Backup can access your MySQL database and back it up automatically.

SQL backup
Backing up your SQL database is a two step process. The SQL backup tool in the control panel will copy your SQL backup into your web space and will be backed up with your site.  You can run the SQL backup tool manually or automate the process using our SQL backup API.

Check out our site for more information on plans and pricing and learn how Website Cloud Backup can help you achieve peace of mind.

3 thoughts on “Introducing Website Cloud Backup: safeguard your site now

  1. It would be even better if the SQL Server backup was done automatically, say, every day.

    Doing the backup manually in the control panel is far from ideal (and not safe as it can easily be forgotten) and the API cannot always be used (in my case the database is too big to use it).

    1. We’re looking at ways to automate SQL backup for the Cloud Backup plan, but it’s not as simple as it may seem. We are working on it though.

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