How to Get Support Like a Pro

Martin OrtegaHave you ever emailed us directly for support?

We still get the email message in our helpdesk queue and we still provide you with the same support you need. However, emailing support@ isn’t the best way to contact us for assistance.

Why not?

Well, when you email us directly we might not have any idea who you are, depending on the address you email us from and what you state in the email. It may take longer to resolve your issue because our next reply to you is often, “What is the domain name associated with your hosting account? Can you also please authenticate this support ticket…” (we have to authenticate because we don’t want to provide potentially sensitive account information to anyone who isn’t supposed to have it).

But all you want to do is to resolve your issue as soon as possible, and I don’t blame you.

So how can you resolve my issue more quickly, and what’s the “correct” way to contact support?

Well, you’ve gotta open the ticket through the Support Portal πŸ˜‰

The login form is in the upper right corner of the page. Use your Control Panel username and password to login to the support portal.


Once you’re logged in, opening a ticket is easy. Just click Submit a Ticket, choose the department (options are Support, Sales and Billing) and type your question.


You can also log in to the Support Portal to see our replies. Or if you get our reply via email, simply reply to the email message and your original message to us will be automatically attached by our ticketing system.

This helps us keep a good historical record of what type of tickets you’re opening and what type of trouble you have been having with your account.

Also, when you open a ticket through the support portal your account information will be automatically available to us and we’ll be able to look up your account through our system.

That’s great Martin… But what should I include in my ticket?

That all depends on the type of problem you have, but it is really important to provide us with as much information as possible.

You’re getting an error on your site? Provide us with exact steps to recreate the error on our end. Add information on what lead to this error.

You have an email problem? Oh man! Email is a big area to cover, but it’s always a good idea to tell us which email user is having the problem. Which email user is sending the message? What settings you’re using to receive mail if you’re using an email client (screen shots are always a good idea). If you’re getting bounced email messages, please provide us with the full headers of the bounced email message.

Put yourself in the shoes of the support agent that’s about to help you. Ask yourself, “What this person who’s about to help me going to need in order to resolve my problem?”

Then send off the ticket and we’ll reply to it as quickly as possible. You might be surprised by how fast we reply πŸ˜‰

What if I didn’t get a reply in my email inbox!?

It’s all good! Make sure you check your ticket history by clicking View Tickets in the Support Portal when you log in.


By checking out your ticket history you will have the ability to see our responses and reply to us directly. You also have the ability to close the ticket yourself if you have resolved your own problem.


Some Good Things to Remember:

  • Don’t open multiple tickets about the same problem. This can cause confusion or duplicated effort on our end, which could lead to us providing inaccurate or untimely information. Which can only lead to frustration on your end.
  • If the original problem has been resolved and you have a new issue or question, open a new support ticket for the new question. We generally read the tickets from the oldest message to the newest in order to fully grasp the issue (and take previous replies into account). So if you tag a new issue onto an old ticket, you are going to slow down our response time, since we may spend time diagnosing a problem that’s already been solved.
  • Does it seem like it’s taking too long for us to reply? As long as the ticket is Active in the Support Portal we are most likely working on your issue. We normally reply to a ticket in under one hour. If it takes longer than one hour you can rest assured that we’re working on the ticket. If the ticket is set to Waiting, that means we’re waiting to hear back from you.
  • Was the ticket you opened Closed but the issue is still not resolved? You can always reopen the ticket and provide any additional information you have related to the problem. If you want to start fresh you can open a new ticket, but be sure to provide the ticket number of the ticket that was closed. That way our support staff can refer back to the ticket if necessary.
  • Does your issue involve coding or development related problems? Please post any coding or development related problems in our Support Forum to get peer to peer (and support staff) assistance. It’s not a blow off. Really. We still love you.

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