How to add a View in ASP.NET MVC

In the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern, the view handles the application’s data presentation and user interaction.  A view is an HTML template with embedded Razor markup.  Razor markup is code that interacts with HTML markup to produce a web page that’s sent to the client.

  • In ASP.NET MVC, views are .cshtml files that use the C# programming language in Razor markup.

Let’s start by creating a controller:

In Solution Explorer, right click on the Controllers folder and click on Add then Controller like this:

In the Add Scaffold dialog box, click MVC 5 Controller – Empty then Add:

Name your new controller “AboutUsController” and click on Add button:

  • Now, you will get a controller and a view folder in your Solution Explorer.
  • Let us add a view to this controller that will act as a data presentation and user interaction page.

Right click on the “ActionResult Index ()”and click Add view:

  • In the Add View window, use the layout (if you have any).
  • Click on Add button.

You should see a view created in the “AboutUs” folder like this:

Build your project and you can view your new view / page by going to this URL:

http://localhost:#####/AboutUs/ where ##### represents the port number.



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