Here Comes New Media Expo

Michael PhillipsSome of us went to BlogWorld & New Media Expo last year when it was here in Los Angeles, and it was surprisingly informative and interesting. It’s in Las Vegas this year, it starts on Sunday and I will be there checking out what’s new.

blogworld7One thing that’s new – they have pointedly removed BlogWorld from the event title, so this year it’s just New Media Expo. I guess blogs are just too twentieth century now. Old and dusty like grandma’s biscuits. “You have a blog? Oh, that’s so quaint!

In any event, I’ll be up to my eyebrows in sessions, but I’ll be tweeting and taking a lot of pictures that I’ll put up on our marvelous Pinterest page, which you probably didn’t even know we had. Because Instagram is so last year, man!

You might wonder why we would bother to go to shows like New Media Expo, but we think it’s important to be open to the big wide world and not be limited to our specific industry. We still attend a lot of conferences that are more up our alley, like HostingCon, and we’re very much on top everything we need to be on top of.

But it’s also healthy and necessary to get all kinds of input and hear ideas from people who aren’t directly related to the web hosting business. At the end of the day, we are a customer service provider, not just a provider of web server space. And believe me when I say that we’re open to anything and everything that makes that customer relationship better for you.

We’re not happy unless you are.

So if you’re in Las Vegas for NMX (or the┬áConsumer Electronics Show CES which overlaps with it on Tuesday), and you see a long-haired old man wandering around mumbling to himself about these damn kids today – that will be me! Say hello.

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