Google’s Fully Caffeinated

Google has been working on a huge update called “Caffeine” to their search indexing infrastructure. Over the past year they have been rolling out the Caffeine update incrementally to test and tweak it. But as of a blog post on June 8 earlier this week, they claim to have completed their Caffeine update.

The thing is that Google won’t really reveal all the things that have been updated with Caffeine. They claim that all the important search engine optimization factors that search marketers have been pointing out over the past years has not changed or become less important. Google says that they are just making more crawled content available in their index much faster now with Caffeine. So for the search users, they should be getting more relevant results with fresher content.

That’s great for the search users but you may be asking how these changes will affect your natural search engine ranking. Over here, we’ve been monitoring the Caffeine rollout and I’ve seen DiscountASP.NET’s natural search listing position on Google fluctuate a lot over the last year.

It’s always been a battle to get a site to rank high but with Caffeine, the battle has become even more difficult. Google on Caffeine means that other site’s new content will be indexed faster and real-time web content will be available faster. So I would expect that you will continuously see more fluctuations in your search ranking.

But while the activities of others will have an affect on your search ranking, this also means that your own activities can affect other’s rankings too. So it is even more important now to continually contribute new relevant web content to your site and to participate in real-time web 2.0 activities. Not only does this make your business more relevant, it will help your search engine ranking.

Google named their update appropriately; we are all going to need some caffeine to work on improving search rankings.

Takeshi Eto
VP Marketing and Business Development

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